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The business mission of the Udmurt Republic delegation to the Republic of Belarus

The delegation from the Udmurt Republic under the leadership of the First Deputy Chairman of the Udmurt Republic Government Alexander Svinin began a three-day business mission to the Republic of Belarus.

A working day on February 24th began with laying the flowers at the Minsk Hero City Obelisk. Monday’s business programme includes a meeting with the management of the Belarusian Railways, a visit to Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) and a High-Tech Park.

The delegation of the Udmurt Republic includes the permanent representative of the Head of the Udmurt Republic under the President of the Russian Federation Mikhail Khomich, the Minister of Education of the Udmurt Republic Svetlana Bolotnikova, the Minister of Economics of the Udmurt Republic Mikhail Tumin, acting Minister of Health of the Udmurt Republic George Shcherbak, Head of the City of Izhevsk Oleg Bekmemetev and others.

At a meeting with the management of the Belarusian Railways, Alexander Svinin noted, ‘Last year, trade between our republic and Belarus was $ 44 million. The foreign trade of the Republic of Belarus with the Udmurt Republic took 8th among all of the countries of the world. We see great potential for its increase in the field of engineering products, steel, medical and other types of equipment.’

At a meeting with the management of the Minsk Automobile Plant, the parties held negotiations on the possibilities of transport supplies, as well as on the opening of dealerships on the territory of the Udmurt Republic.

The Minsk Automobile Plant specializes in the production of heavy vehicles, as well as trolleybuses, buses and trailer equipment. MAZ cars are delivered to more than 45 countries of the world.

The bus fleet of the Udmurt Republic has 930 buses, of which 92 are MAZ vehicles today. The electric transport fleet of the republic consists of 233 trolleybuses and 224 trams, while it’s wearing off fast.

On February 25, during the Minsk Forum ‘Days of the Udmurt Republic in the Republic of Belarus’ more than 15 agreements on cooperation were signed.

After the grand opening of the Forum, the parties met at a round table where the Russian delegation showed a presentation of the industrial potential of the Udmurt Republic.

‘The basis of the economy of the Udmurt Republic is the industrial sector. In GDP, its share is 47%. Large enterprises of the military-industrial complex play a key role in the region. Today, in the republic they manufacture equipment for nuclear power plants, telecommunication systems for space, communications, radio electronics, medical equipment, oil and gas equipment, metal and plastic products. A significant place is taken by the woodworking industry. Now there are about 4 thousand industrial enterprises in the Udmurt Republic,’ Alexander Svinin commented.

Representatives of several companies in the Udmurt Republic presented their products. For example, ‘Bummash’ (Paper mechanical Engineering Plant) is interested in delivering heavy engineering products in the form of components, assemblies, metal structures and finished non-standard equipment according to customer drawings for a wide variety of industries in the Republic of Belarus.

The Axion Plant is already supplying its civilian products to the Republic of Belarus: medical equipment, consumer goods and automotive components, but plans to expand the cooperation.

The parties discussed the possibility of cooperation between the two republics. At the end of the round table, an Agreement on cooperation was signed between the Minsk Tractor Plant and the Ministry of Economics of the Udmurt Republic. Also, the Minister of Economics of the Udmurt Republic Mikhail Tumin signed an Agreement on the development of tourism with the Republican Union of the Tourism Industry (Belarus).  

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