The coat of arms of Izhevsk is the principal symbol of local government and municipal status. It was approved by the resolution of the Izhevsk City Council on 27th of May, 1997.

The coat of arms is an image of a heraldic shield. The shield’s background is divided into two parts – white and blue. There are images of nippers and a bow on this background. Two green mountain ash branches crosswise with red clusters of ashberry below are behind the nippers.

The creative group of Sergey Behterev and Nikolay Bykov created the Izhevsk coat of arms.

The principle idea of the coat of arms is a unity of a human, his industrial activities and the nature.


The flag of Izhevsk contains the same image. It was approved on 21st of April, 2000 by the Izhevsk City Council resolution # 221.

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